Sit together with up to 8 people in a circle in different 3d environments, and use your virtual tablet apps to have fun! Voice-chat while enjoying drawing tools, board games, video watching, trivia quizzes & much more. Customize your avatar to your liking, make new friends, relax and enjoy!

No ads & no registration needed – in this social app, you just start chatting! Multiplayer games included are are Checkers aka Draughts, Chinese Checkers aka Halma, word games, Go with a 13x13 grid, Mills aka Mill or Nine Men's Morris, Morabaraba, Chess, Xiangqi (aka Chinese Chess), Everyone Is John and more. Colored Lines aka Color Lines or WinLines is also included. You can also play Fateful, a casual, story-focused tabletop roleplaying game based on Fate Accelerated & Fudge.

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I'm an indie dev and I'd love to hear your ideas for virtual tablet apps to add. Thanks!